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Public Safety

During patrol service, it is vital for policemen to be able to communicate flawlessly with the control centre, for their own safety and the safety of those who depend on them. 


However, communication has often faced challenges. 

One of the main issues is related to mobile terminals been quite big and heavy, making patrol duties more difficult. 

Additional problems are related to the fact several of the functions need to be disabled due to security concerns. 

As a result, the terminal might not be taken on patrol duty, but left behind at the station, generating even bigger security issues. 

Furthermore, when a traditional two-way radio is used instead of a Smartphone, the talk distance is short and the lack of support for video functionality in addition to a poor communication quality, makes it no good enough for modern requirements. 


There are several options to address these issues:

  • The use of MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions allows to assign different access levels to each user. This allows the control centre to disable only unsecure details rather than the whole function.  
  • Products are now designed to be smaller and easy to carry. 
  • The new solutions are able to block Bluetooth® data transfer, yet allow BT paring and hands free calls. 
  • Thanks to 3rd party secured apps, officers can connect to their dev ices and take witness statements or compile reports on the go. 


There are numerous advantages in adopting new technology and push more towards digitalisation, among them:

  • Officers are able to work in a more streamlined way, making their work and processes more efficient. 
  • Digitalisation allows to free up time to spend in the frontline. 
  • LTE enables the possibility of long distance and real time communication.

This allows for a seamless work from field to station. 

RugGear for Public Safety

RugGear devices have been designed with special focus on emergency service and first responders requirements. 

We stay always up to date with the 3GPP releases; furthermore, RugGear devices support Zero touch to simplify deployment and are MDM ready to make sure your fleet can be managed seamlessly. 

Easy to handle and rugged, devices such as the RG530 and RG750 are compatible with wi-fi® and LTE networks, with dedicated PTT and emergency buttons, making them the perfect replacement for TETRA radios. 

RugGear devices are waterproof and their large-capacity and replaceable battery make them the perfect tool for long duration shifts.

If you would like to hear more about our products, get in touch and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.