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What is Push-to-talk (PTT)?

Within a number of industries, the success of a company’s operations relies on workers being able to communicate effectively and quickly, between distant sites, with a number of different parties at any time. Examples of this are warehousing, security and transport & logistics. The traditional method of communication in such environments is the Push-to-talk radio station, also known as the ‘walkie-talkie’, which has its advantages over a traditional cellphone or landline because of the direct, instant communication using radio frequencies, which was free of charge to the users. There are however drawbacks of this old technology, including range, number of speakers, security of the network, and the burden of having to carry an additional device.

RugGear devices are ready to use third party PTT-applications over mobile and Wi-Fi® networks for fast, clear, real time communication. This technology on a mobile device is known as Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC).

PoC started over GPRS, or 2G, network and was initially designed to work over slim data networks, however increased worldwide investment in digital infrastructure leading to 3G and 4G has allowed PoC to become commercially viable, especially with large numbers of users now already having a compatible devices (e.g. Android™). The highly developed cell-phone infrastructure available in most countries has made PoC a very efficient and cost-effective method of communication, rendering the traditional PTT walkie-talkie obsolete. The choice of connectivity method meaning that in cases of poor cellular signal, the phones can remain fully connected through Wi-Fi® and communication is not disrupted.

Additionally, having a RugGear PTT enabled device allows multiple functions to be performed by one device, reducing cost, administrative burden and increasing mobility of the workplace.

See below a table comparing our intelligent PTT software with a traditional walkie talkie.

  Traditional walkie-talkie Intelligent PTT
Distance Limited range – normally up to a number of kilometres Unlimited distance
Functions Single function – press to speak to all Multiple functions – e.g. can press to speak to one, press to speak to many, press to leave a message.
Speakers One at a time Locuteurs
Third party applications N/A Can use third party applications
Multimedia Audio only Videos/text supported
Other functionalities N/A Multiple, including cellular phone, applications, GPS tracking

What are RugGear’s Push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities?

Since its inception in 2006, RugGear has been dedicated to ensuring seamless critical communication for companies with mobile workforces. RugGear devices are renowned for being incredibly durable and resilient, and also practical and user-friendly. An example of RugGear’s many capabilities is the convenience of push-to-talk (PTT)-ready mobile devices. RugGear has provided PTT-ready devices to a number of companies, in industries that require sturdy and reliable devices for their daily duties. Our rugged devices, empowered with third-party PTT-technology, have added significant value to businesses by enabling and streamlining their communication requirements.