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Mission Critical Communication

We often talk about Mission critical communication, but what is it related to? What are mission critical operations and what kind of communication do they require?

What is a Mission Critical operation?

Mission critical Operations are those that are required when human life, goods or other values, important to society, are at risk. Among the organisations running mission critical operations are Public safety organisations such as Police, fire and rescue service, Ambulances, public transport and all organisations important in situations of crisis.

During this kind of operations, communication is vital for the success of the operation itself.

To guarantee the best chances of success, there are two vital elements:

  • A dedicated MC Network and 
  • Supported devices.

This two elements link and allow the mission critical applications.

Mission critical Network

For a long time, MC operations have been run on dedicated First responders radio frequency, that allow simple data applications. Because of the growing need of data, during recent years, there has been a shift to run mission critical operations on LTE networks. This network can be of three different kinds  

  • Owned and private – a Mission critical Network with infrastructures used solely by mission critical operations
  • Commercial network operator providing service for mission critical operations, with priority servers allocated for first responders
  • Hybrid network, with different levels of combination of the two above.

In order to access the emergency service network, the team needs to be equipped with devices that are able to access the network which has to be available, reliable and secure.

Mission critical Devices

The Official requirements for MCPTT devices are just a few. Among these requirements, the equipment need to have rugged credentials, dedicated SOS buttons and dedicated PTT button.

However, because Mission-critical communication is quite different from daily life communication, additional elements have been identified as beneficial for the smooth run of mission critical operations.

Among them, a removable battery, to guarantee continuity of communication.

A battery that can be charged separately from devices while the device is used with a spare battery pack, allows uninterrupted use during work shifts.

Powerful loudspeakers, have showed to be also extremely beneficial. to deliver clear messages in extremely loud environments.

RugGear and RG530

Partnering with 3rd party software, incorporating interoperability functionality between radio and LTE, RugGear devices are able to provide the ideal solution for the migration from Land Mobile Radio (LMR) to 4G and 5G mobile networks, while maintaining group capability communication.

To guarantee this smooth transition, the RG530 has been designed with mission critical operations in mind.

Equipped with a replaceable and specially protected battery, it is perfect for critical environments and long working hours.

Its powerful front loudspeaker, up to 105dB, with incorporated noise cancelling microphone has been specifically designed for loud environments.

Furthermore, it’s 13pins port makes it ideal to use in mission critical environments and avoid interruptions due to accessories unplugging from the devices.

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