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Remote Mobile Device Management

What is Remote mobile device management?

Wide availability of mobile hardware amongst staff has allowed companies to save costs by letting employees, temp staff and contractors use their own hardware and connect it to corporate networks. This is commonly called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) .

BYOD has allowed companies to save in hardware costs and IT job load, because the devices are purchased and maintained by employees, however new costly issues have recently emerged.

Access to company networks by unsecured devices has generated security breaches that can cause serious problems to the company.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

To be able to avoid security breaches and loss of revenue, IT departments have introduced new tools to help with their tasks.

Mobile Device Management or MDM is a software solution that is able to monitor, but also manage and add security to employee’s devices. Just by installing a dedicated MDM app, the IT team are able to secure devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. across different Operative Systems and varied network providers. This will allow them to avoid unwanted access to secured information by third parties.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

The MDM is usually part of a holistic suite that takes the name of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). This suite allows the company IT team to control, manage and operate all the mobile devices in a company securely, safely and economically. In this way, the devices can be integrated in the company network infrastructure.

The EMM suite is operated in three main forms: 

  • it can be on the company server itself (on-premise),
  • in the cloud or
  • hybrid (a mix between on-premise and on cloud).

With one interface, the EMM suite includes the following tools:

  • Mobile-Device Management (MDM): that allows the management of mobile devices according to company guidelines;
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM): that enables the management of permitted apps tailor-made for the company;
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM): for the management of company-relevant content and apps on cloud services, mail servers, file servers and SharePoint of the company.

RugGear Devices

If you are looking for corporate devices that are readily available with "Zero-Touch" deployment and can be seamlessly setup using your EMM suite, RugGear is able to assist you.

Devices such as our the RG725 and the RG655 have been designed for professional and corporate use. We understand the importance of efficient time management and, we make sure that your IT department can enrol our devices and remotely set them up in bulk. Therefore, they are ready to go, straight out of the box.

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