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Private LTE

What is a private LTE?

Most companies rely on wireless and public cellular networks to allow effective communication in the workplace. In some cases, Wi-Fi® and public LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks, e.g. 4G, are not ideal, for example in areas where the existing network signal is non-existent, intermittent or has poor range.

Companies may choose to install their own private LTEs in such cases, which uses dedicated radio equipment to service a chosen area. A private LTE can help reduce the impact of device congestion, enhance traffic flow and improve data security. This could also reduce the overall costs of workforce communication.

Benefits of private LTE

Private LTE can help businesses to meet their needs, instead of using existing networks which are not fit for purpose.

By introducing a cost-effective, independent network, a private LTE can provide a company with a reliable, fast and stable network, which can increase the mobility of the workforce.

LTE 450 (Band 31)

LTE 450, also known as band 31, is a network using a 450MHz frequency, compared to the 1500 MHz of a typical public network. This is a far reaching band, allowing it to cover large, dispersed areas, using relatively few base stations. Mainstream consumer devices do not support this band, and therefore is not at risk of signal congestion.

For these reasons, LTE band 31 is the band of choice for a number of operators in Western Europe and the US, with statistics from Mobility Development Group (formerly CDMA Development Group) indicating it is used by 115 operators in 60 countries across the world.

Application scenarios

A private LTE, such as LTE 450MHz, also known as LTE Band 31, provides companies with connectivity in areas that are currently unconnected by mainstream networks, such as rural, underground, or workplaces in the ocean.

Examples of industries which may find a private LTE particularly beneficial are:

  • Oil and gas
  • Shipping ports
  • Mining
  • Forestry/Agriculture
  • Energy – power plants
  • Government – remote secure locations

The LTE 450 network is able to support a number of devices, including mobiles, laptops etc, if built to support the network frequency. There are a number of mobile devices which are purpose built to support companies in using the LTE 450 network. Among them is the RugGear RG760, which is the 1st PTT over network device to support Band 31. With a fantastic showcase of a private LTE, more than 100 RG760 devices were successfully deployed at the FIFA 2018 World Cup to boost security communications.