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3.5mm PTT headset

Compatible with RG170 RG360 RG650 RG655 RG930i RG935

13-pin PTT headset

Available for  RG530 RG725 RG750 RG760

13-pin PTT RSM

Available for RG530 RG725 RG750 RG760 

16-pin PTT headset

Available for  RG540

16-pin PTT RSM

Available for RG540


RG170 belt clip

Compatible with RG170

RG360 belt clip

Compatible with RG360

RG530 belt clip

Compatible with RG530

RG540 belt clip

Compatible with RG540

RG725/RG750 belt clip

Compatible with RG725 RG750

RG760 belt clip

Compatible with RG760

One handed strap

Compatible with RG910 RG930i


RG360 desk charger

Compatible with RG360

Car charger

RG530 desk charger

Compatible with RG530

RG540 desk charger

Compatible with RG540

RG725/RG750 desk charger

Compatible with RG725 RG750

RG725/RG750 multi-unit charger

Compatible with RG725 RG750

RG760 desk charger

Compatible with RG760

RG910 dock

Compatible with RG910

RG935 Desktop Charger

Compatible with RG935

We understand the needs and requirements of Mission Critical communication, for this reason we have developed a range of accessories, from wired 13/16 pins PTT RSM to bluetooth devices and chargers for single and multiple devices, designed around emergency communication and tailored to our products.
Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assit you by finding the perfect accessory to improve your communication efficiency

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