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Energy production

In the industrial production of energy there is always need to monitor the various processes. 

However, the working environment with high humidity can lead to component breakdown of devices. 

What is required is a solid, sustainable and scalable communication solution, compatible with the existing infrastructure. 

To complicate things further, we have the isolation factor, with many employees such as maintenance technicians or production control agents that are constantly on the move or working alone. 

What are the required solutions?

To achieve an efficient communication, the mobile terminals employed in this kind of environments need to be not only rugged but able to report back to the back office in a timely manner and consolidate information. The information needs to be centralised and traceable. 

A smartphone equipped with a software PTT solution would be able to provide both: one to one and one to many calls and the ability to broadcast for staff working in isolation, to report issues and receive alerts from the control room, plus the ability to collect an consolidate data on the go. 

In addition, a LWP (lone worker protection) man-down 3rd party solution would be able to protect the safety of isolated workers and locate them promptly in case of emergency.

Advantages of using rugged devices

The use of devices accredited with Mil-Std and IP68 will ensure the safety of collaborators, machines and whole wireless infrastructure will be able to work as usual because the rugged devices can perform without interruption in events such as fires, under low water levels or even flooding.

The use of rugged smartphones also helps to optimise data collection on the go and enables smoother and faster data exchange. Plus, thanks to the rugged credentials, the devices will require little to no maintenance, avoiding delays due to repairs.

Ruggear and the energy production industry

The RugGear devices have been designed to be reliable and work in the toughest environments and through long shifts. 

Smartphones like the RG540 and tablets, like the RG935 are equipped with LTE and Wi-Fi® connectivity, to guarantee flow and real time communication, they are game changers in the transition to digitalisation. Furthermore, RG540 Supports eMBMS that allow to reduce network load and improve communication efficiency during peak periods.

The integrated man-down solution, a proprietary LWP app, will help to monitor the more isolated workers. 

The IP and Mil-Std certifications in all our devices makes the RugGear devices more durable and reliable.

The customisable side button and the Android ™ Operative System work flawlessly with the majority of PTT client systems. 

If you want to find out more about our products and how we can help with the upgrade of your communication systems, get in touch and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.