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Fire brigade

While on a rescue mission, firefighters need to communicate with each other in order to assess the situation and/or find missing people. 

The inability to communicate efficiently makes their job more dangerous and puts more lives at risk.

Problem faced

Until now, the communication task was assigned to the two way radio system. This, however, had its downsides, because the TETRA radios used to easily lose signal while inside buildings. 

Furthermore, a 24 hours working shift, put a strain on the devices, due to the long standby time required from the device batteries. 

Another issue faced while using a two-way radio system was the presence of water while on duty. The radios weren’t always watertight so more easily damaged, generating inefficient communication and maintenance costs.




The increased demand in data around the world has pushed Mission Critical communication towards the LTE network, making communication more efficient. 

With a shift to LTE networks and Wi-Fi®, MC communication is now replacing devices too. From two-way radios, firefighters are now progressively switching to more efficient LTE devices that can guarantee a good connection both in and out of building. 

Not all devices are suitable though: as per 3GPP, the official requirements are: the device needs to have rugged credentials, a dedicated SOS button and a dedicated PTT button to make instant communication easier. 

Additional benefit would be to be MCPTT/PTT ready and have DRX power saving technology.

A big battery for long standby time would be an added plus.

How can we help?

RugGear devices has been designed with Mission Critical requirements in mind. 

Our devices allow for fast and efficient communication even during the most difficult times. Designed for MC communication, they are equipped with SOS, PTT buttons, large battery capacity and are tested to guarantee durability. 

We make sure we stay up to date with the latest trends and technology while developing our devices by incorporating the findings from mission-critical plug tests as well as using consolidated technology and current market requirements.

All our devices have passed successfully the IP68 and MIL-STD 810H tests to guarantee durability and resilience against weather conditions, water and dust and are also shock and impact resistant.

Our RG540 can be successfully deployed in emergency environments to guarantee instant and reliable communication while coordinating firefighters actions. 

It is an ideal solution because of its MCPTT capability, a large battery capacity and its rugged credentials. 

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