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Carrier Aggregation

Carrier Aggregation is a technique that was first introduced in long-term evolution (LTE) by the third-generation partnership project (3GPP) Release 10 to combine different chunks of spectrum in order to reach higher peak rates. It can be done on the same band (intra-band aggregation), as well as over 2 or more bands (inter-band aggregation).

It turned out to be very successful and Carrier Aggregation has become an industry standard.

How does it work?

Network frequency carriers can be roughly divided into three bands: low, medium and high frequencies.
Each spectrum has its own characteristics, but in general high and medium frequencies have fast download data rate while low frequency has better performance on upload.

We can represent the bands as overlapping layers, each of which is divided into slots. These slots are assigned by Network operators to users either over several carriers/bands of spectrum at the same time or, on the same band, to guarantee a constant and consistent service.

When the service is structured like this, one carrier will play a more important role than the other(s). Each frequency chunk is called component carrier (CC). 
The most important one is the primary component carrier (PCC). The additional frequency band/s is/are called secondary component carrier(s) (SCC).

What benefit does this bring?

As previously mentioned, there is a limitation in upload data rate and coverage in the mid and high-band, on the other hand, the upload data rate is better performing in low frequency carriers.

By using carrier aggregation, not only we can see an improved performance in data rate, but also an increased coverage – by about 20% - due to the increased reach of the low frequency bandwidth.  
As a result, low-frequency bands are getting assigned the role of primary cell.
Furthermore, by using a separate frequency for upload, the mid and high frequency carriers are less congested and, as a result, there is an improved network capacity.

RugGear and Carrier Aggregation

In order to be able to access these benefits, the devices used need to be able to access all the frequencies in which the operator works.
RugGear devices not only have they been designed to allow communication in every possible environment, but also, with a wide range of different commercial and private frequencies, to allow the best possible experience.
Do you want to find out how our devices work and can help your team improve efficiency in communication? Get in touch and one of our representatives will be happy to guide you through our range to find the best fit to your needs.