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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

What is an Enterprise Mobility Management tool?

To protect the safety of company networks, which have become more vulnerable due to the use of personal devices on corporate networks, IT departments around the world have been implementing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools to help to operate networks and devices safely.

An EMM suite is a platform able to centrally manage all mobile devices, no matter whether corporate or private; in a safe, secure and economic manner.

This software solution allows the integration of personal devices to a corporate network, without risking any security breaches.

An EMM suite incorporates the following in a single interface:

  • Mobile-Device Management (MDM: Management of mobile devices according to company guidelines),
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM: management of permitted apps tailor-made for the company),
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM: Management of company-relevant content and apps on cloud services, mail servers, file servers and share points of the company)

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

MAM is software that allows IT departments to control what is done via apps specifically coded for a corporate-owned device, by enforcing corporate policies. Furthermore, it allows IT admins to control and limit data sharing among apps, guaranteeing the security of corporate data.

Additional functions of MAM software are:

  • The separation of business apps and data from personal content on the same device
  • Software delivery
  • Software license management,
  • App configuration,
  • Inventory management and
  • Spplication lifecycle management

Using this tool, IT admins are able to push new apps on devices under MAM control, update and manage licences, configure apps, and keep track of the company hardware. All this is done remotely.

RugGear Devices

Since 2019, RugGear is a partner in the zero-touch enrolment program. This means that our devices can be seamlessly setup.

By using your EMM, company policy, apps and configurations can be pushed to the RG530 and the devices can be setup in bulk.

If you want to find out more about our devices and how RugGear can help improve your team efficiency, get in touch.

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