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Use cases

Who needs a Rugged device?

Who might need a rugged phone? Rugged devices are purpose built for reliability and effectiveness in especially tough conditions and environments. All devices are tested to IP68 and MIL-STD-810G standards and survive extremes in weather, temperatures, dust, water and impact, with features to suit, such as high lumen torches, multifunctional alarms, industrial scanners, GPS tracking, proprietary apps and push-to-talk capabilities. In such challenging conditions, our devices continue to perform where standard devices fail. By ensuring effective communication, Rugged devices can add significant value in a workplace environment.

RugGear products have added value to businesses. RugGear’s devices enable workers to grab information fast as the screens are built for the utmost clarity; for example, the RG910 tablet’s large display makes it easy to read manuals and calibrate machines. Workers can communicate swiftly with our PTT enabled phones, for example, to notify the team of an issue that could hold up production.

Success stories