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Mission Critical service requirements

In order to be efficient and effective, a Mission critical system network needs to be:

  • Available
  • Reliable
  • Secure

Available when and where

What does it mean that a system needs to be available?

There are two points that need to be analysed: When and Where.


A system is considered available when it’s there when needed.

The time availability is calculated considering the time the system is up vs. the total time.

The typical target for up time is 99.99999%


The system is considered available when it covers the areas where it is needed.

The spatial availability and consequential radio coverage needs to be at least 95% in cities and along major roads.

On the other hand, the system can also be made available. This can be done by working around the network’s system, creating redundancy, and overlapping base stations. Furthermore, a dedicated system could be replaced with shared resources with priority mechanisms, that will step in when the network is congested to guarantee quality of service. 


The system works reliably when out of 1000 access attempts, it works 998 times.

It requires a low probability and frequency of failure too.

The system can also be made reliable by making sure that it has a structure with no single point of failure.


Securing information is an essential part of the network requirement. The system needs to make sure that there is no unauthorised access, as well as any unauthorised use or disclosure of information.

Furthermore, the system needs to guarantee no disruption, no available modification, no inspection and no recording of the information shared in the network. The information also needs to be kept safe and be protected from destruction.

Mission Critical system

The Mission critical system structure can be summarised as:

  • Mission Critical Devices
  • Mission Critical Applications
  • Mission Critical Grade Network

All three elements must comply with the mission critical operational and functional requirements:

  • They need to be available, reliable and secure
  • Guarantee
    • Voice and data communication
    • Group communication
    • Fast Call setup
    • Priorities and pre-emption
    • Data communication
    • Device to device communication
    • Air to Ground communication
    • Interoperability
    • Interconnection with other systems
    • Multi organisation network

RugGear and MC Network

RugGear has been focusing on Mission Critical devices. Our devices have been designed to guarantee reliable and secure voice and data communication.

With a dedicated SOS key, customisable buttons for PTT, MIL-STD and IP gradings, and replaceable batteries, they are always available when you need them the most.

With the addition of RugGear specially designed accessories, such as 13 pin RSM, Bluetooth® RMS, they are the perfect complement for critical communication.

Do you want to find out how RugGear could support your Mission Critical Network? Get in touch.