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Mission Critical PTT

As previously said, Mission Critical operations are those run when life or values important to society are at risk.

During these operations, communication is vital to its success. How do law enforcement and government agencies make sure that their communication is efficient and effective?

Mission Critical PTT, what is it?

Mission Critical PTT or just MCPTT is a push to talk product that aligns with the 3GPP protocols on public safety communication.

In recent years, due to the increased data demand, there has been a switch in the Mission Critical communication from Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks to more flexible mobile broadband communication services.

As a result, and following 3GPP standards, the requirement for a successful Mission Critical operation, is first of all a solution compliant with Mission Critical communication.

Furthermore, the solution needs to be

  • Available
  • Reliable
  • Secure

The general principle of PTT communication stays the same: at the simple press of a button, the operator can talk and share information in a timely and efficient manner.

However, rather than going through radio frequencies, this operation goes via an app that uses LTE (4G and 5G frequency) guaranteeing an operational efficiency, with a wider coverage - the service mainly latches to existing commercial networks - and, at the same time allows big savings to the government, while guaranteeing a better service.

These Apps are designed following 3GPP protocols and are therefore easy to implement.

What is it required?

Following 3GPP standards, the broadband service needs to be able to connect to past, present and future technology changes in the protocol, to guarantee a smooth transition from one technology to another. Along with voice communication, the service needs to be able to guarantee:

  • Group communication
  • Fast Call setup
  • Priorities and pre-emption
  • Data communication
  • Device to device communication
  • Air to Ground communication
  • Interoperability
  • Interconnection with other systems
  • Multi organisation network

Practically, thanks to the 3GPP protocol standards, an operator pressing a button on a radio device can be clearly heard not only by the operation centre, but also by colleagues carrying an LTE device or a team in a different organisation.

RugGear for Mission Critical PTT

RugGear has been specialising in Mission Critical devices. Our devices have been designed following 3GPP protocols so they are easy to setup and deploy in the field.

They are equipped with dedicated SOS buttons for requesting help during emergency and customisable buttons for instant PTT communication. RugGear devices are also MIL-STD certified and have IP68 rating, following 3GPP protocols.

If you want to find out more about our products and how we can help your team communication, get in touch.