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Trigger Handle add-on for the RG530

To guaranteed a flexible and reliable process for data acquisition in industrial areas we have bundled our RG530 with a specially designed handheld barcode scanner. This trigger handle is ready-to-use and able to capture 1D or 2D barcode quickly and effectively even when the barcode is stained or deformed. The product comes in two variants, as a result, the data can be captured at close range, but also, thanks to the Zebra OEM imager scan engines, the scanner is able to read up to 6 meters or up to 18 meters depending on the specification of the product chosen. The product is also HID-active, therefore data can be transmitted in real time between the Trigger Handle and RG530, helping the process of industrial digitalization.


Reliable data acquisition

The Trigger handle allows to acquire and process 1D or 2D bardcodes. It comes in two version for long distance reading: up to 6m and up to 18m. The image scanner engine is supplied by Zebra OEM and is able to accurately identify and read barcodes even when they are stained or scanned from an angle.

Direct data transfer & Power supply

The trigger handle is powered directly by the connected device via the 13-pin port, no need for additonal batteires. When the RG530 is connected through the 13-pin port, the trigger handle acts like an automated keyboard and it is able to transcript the barcode data on apps like SAP, Microsoft Word, emails etc.making the all registration process faster and more accurate.

Technical specifications

Size and weight 202 x 90,4 x 127 mm MR = 380 g ER = 400 g (without RG530)
Indication function Loudspeaker, Vibration, LED-Display
Power supply Over RG530, this can be loaded in the handle
Communication Over the multi functional interface of the RG530
Type of protection MIL-STD 810H, IP68 dust-/waterproof, usable from -20 °C to +60 °C