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Warehouse and logistic

Industrial environments such those in the Warehouse management and logistic are extremely rough for electronic equipment.

Problems faced

During the delivering process, devices are difficult to hold. They often are dropped while climbing stairs or in puddles while on the streets. 

Another issue is related to battery duration: it´s expected to finish 90% of the route without the need of charging the devices. 

An additional challenge is the reporting along the route: nowadays there is high expectation on delivery tracing. Goods needs to be traceable all along the way. 


RugGear devices have been designed to overcome all these issues.

To avoid dropping, the majority of our devices have been designed with a lanyard hole, so that devices can be worn around the neck.

The devices have been equipped with large capacity batteries, to support the drivers during long working hours. The battery can also be easily removed and replaced, to increase working hours and charged separately using our dedicated desk chargers. 

All RugGear devices come with high quality cameras, so that they can scan the goods barcodes and report the status to the control centre as well as the clients, and, thanks to the LTE fast connection, the information will be reported in timely manner. 

To make processes even smoother, our RG530 can be paired with the RG-TH trigger handle to facilitate warehouse digitalisation. 

What RugGear devices can bring you

The RugGear devices are built strong to guarantee reliability. 

Their USB connector has been designed with a special protection, a 6 kg bending protection force. This is much higher than the 4 kg industry standard. 

As a result, the port is much durable, and less likely to be damaged under high-intensity use. 


RugGear for the logistic industry

RugGear focus on Mission critical system make sure that its PTT devices are sturdy and reliable in all environments.

The devices are designed for fast LTE communication. Our RG360 and RG725/RG750 are successfully in use in several warehouses and transportation companies.

The RG360 is small size and allows one hand operation, while the bigger RG725 and RG750 have an ultra-rugged built to guaranteed efficient PTT communication.

If you would like to find out how our rugged devices and PTT solutions can support your team and improve efficiency in process and communication, get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you.