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The RG530 receives PTCRB and GCF certifications

RugGear® receives international network operator approvals PTCRB and GCF for RG530 smartphone

Multifunctional mobile device for explosion-protected push-to-talk use complies with international mobile radio standards

Lauda-Koenigshofen - RugGear, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of rugged mobile devices for professional use in extreme safety and working conditions, especially in the Mission Critical area, has received for its RG530 smartphone the mobile network operator certifications GCF (Global Certification Forum) for the European and the PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) approval for the North-American market. The certifications are the basis for further international provider-dependent approvals. They underline the company's global expansion strategy and follow the worldwide trend towards professional multifunction PTT smartphones and away from pure PTT and trunked radio solutions. For wireless products, the PTCRB and GCF certifications are mandatory, especially for market approval in North America and further separate provider approvals. The certifications ensure that a device is compliant with 3GPP wireless standards and meets wireless technologies requirements. The RG530 is fully approved by both approval organisations and thus compliant with all mobile device requirements. As an ideal supplement for PTT use, RugGear offers a wired remote speaker microphone and PTT headphones that can be safely and securely connected to the smartphone via a multifunctional 13-pin interface.

Certificate requirements

Certificates are test requirements that examine specific parameters in mobile devices such as TRP (Total Radiated Power), TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity), Isotropic Sensitivity, RSE (Radiated Spurious Emissions), Spurious Radiation and Emissions at Rest, SIM testing, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), Electromagnetic Radiation Level and individual network protocols.

After the mandatory government certificate level, such as that of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the United States and the IC (Industry Canada) in Canada, there is a second level. These industry standard certificates, such as the PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) and the GCF (Global Certification Forum) are the basis for network operator approvals. Due to the multitude of global providers and their own certificate requirements, a wide variety of test requirements for mobile radio standards and technological developments have emerged.

RG530 smartphone

The RG530 offers professional users in organisations and companies a wide range of features such as a large PTT button, an SOS button for emergencies, a powerful battery with multi-protection that can be replaced also in multi-shift operation. An RSM or PTT headset can be securely connected via the 13-pin interface. Police or law enforcement agencies in particular can also use the PTT smartphone to view surveillance cameras in real time. Rapid access to the computerised operations plan, which used to be done via laptops, can now also be done anywhere on the go from a smartphone, greatly increasing the effectiveness of operations.  The smartphone-based MCPTT communication offers, for example, first responders and paramedics the possibility to share and exchange real-time data, voice updates and ECGs with the specialist departments in the hospital while the patient is still being transported.

Thanks to the RG530's robust special surfaces and materials, the device can be cleaned regularly with a disinfectant solution of 70% alcohol and distilled water or soap solution without damage.

RG530 Technical specifications