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RugGear presents the RG360 with a large PTT button

RugGear introduces the RG360, a new smartphone for professional push-to-talk use, ideal for one-handed use due to its compact size and is always ready to hand in an emergency thanks to the integrated belt clip on the back.

RugGear, one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional push-to-talk communication devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, a provider of complete technological industry solutions and partner of choice for leading network operators, companies and well-known brands, today introduces the RG360, a new smartphone model for professional push-to-talk use. The robust smartphone is ideal for one-handed use due to its compact size and is always ready to hand in an emergency thanks to the integrated belt clip on the back. The large 3-inch (7.62 cm) display shows the application icons clearly arranged so that these can be selected quickly. The big PTT button makes the RG360 ideal for secure and fast communication - any time, any place. A special PTT headset with a 3.5 mm connector allows hands-free use and is available as an accessory. Additional features include a replaceable 3,000 mAH battery, a special SOS button for emergencies, a powerful 105 db loudspeaker for uncomplicated communication in noisy environments and a water and fall-proof housing that is also resistant to standard disinfectant solutions.

Product highlights

The compact RG360 offers, among other things, rescue teams the possibility of communicating easily and securely via push-to-talk and of quickly forwarding critical data to the control centre. Even in rough terrain and noisy environments, the integrated belt clip allows communication via a PTT headset and hands-free operation of the device. The powerful 3,000 mAH battery can be replaced by a second battery (available separately) for longer shifts. A separate SOS button can be individually assigned and quickly connects the user to the rescue control centre, for example. Both the smooth-running keys and the touch screen can be operated with gloves. The RG360 can optionally be used with an eSIM, so that up to 9 different mobile devices are available for one number, which enables more flexible device management and thus covers operation in more than 200 countries. With IP68- and MIL-STD 810H certification, the rugged phone is dust and waterproof and can be used in extreme temperatures (-10 up to +50°C).

Mobile devices for PTT/PTToC use

Mobile devices with PTT or PTToC function offer an excellent solution for modern team communication in times of strict operational and regulatory requirements regarding efficient investments, productivity increase and safety regulations. A major advantage of PTToC devices is the use of LTE and WiFi networks instead of area-limited traditional PMR and TETRA networks. Companies can save enormous hardware costs for team communication by using PTToC devices - instead of smartphones AND handheld radios, employees only need one all-in-one device. These mobile devices also score points with extremely fast data transfer rates and very good voice quality. By using PTToC devices, communication between different departments and distributed teams is made easier and even complicated work processes can be made more effective. In emergency situations, the easily accessible, user-defined SOS button allows the user to dial a programmed emergency number, e.g. that of the rescue control centre - with just one press of this key. A further security advantage of modern PTT mobile devices is the individual adaptation of the applications and authentications authorized for the employee.

"With the RG360, our R&D team has developed a functional and easy-to-use PTT smartphone over the last few months. Through the lively exchange with our customers, we have included many points in the development, such as one-hand operation in rescue situations and the focus on perfect usability in difficult working environments," says Martin Haaf, CEO of RugGear GmbH.

RG360 Technical specifications