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The RG725: RugGear's smart PTT oriented phone

Construction noise, dust and dirt – The key to good communication in a harsh working environment is the right “tool”. RugGear, leading manufacturer of rugged mobile devices, offers the ideal solution for that – the RG725. A device as flexible and quick to use as a walkie-talkie but with all the advantages of a full-fledged smartphone based on Android™ 8.1 Oreo™. The new RG725 is the ideal companion in any environment where you need reliable and stress-free communication at the touch of a button.

Push-to-talk oriented 
RugGear RG725 is built with Best-in-class Push-to-talk oriented design for industrial users to boost communication and workflow efficiency in a variety of work situations. A dedicated tuning knob makes channel selection quick and precise so you can talk with the right crew member by only pressing the large PTT button. An additional highlight is the locked headset connector – a PTT headset 13-pin port, also known as Direct Radio Connect.

Rugged and reliable

Even in extreme situations and in very harsh environments and worksites the RG725 will remain fully functional. A huge battery and an extra loud >105 dB front speaker provide best performance on noisy construction sites. MIL-STD-810G ensure perfect and durable performance in every situation.

The perfect working tool for security

RG725 is the perfect working tool for everyone who needs to ensure reliable communication in difficult operating conditions. A very strong 4x LED ultra-bright torch which is functioning as a flashlight in patrolling at night and a long lasting 5000 mAh battery make the device a durable partner in any situation – even emergencies at dark can be recorded instantly with a single press of the camera button.

Seamless setup for the whole team

“We really designed it for users in the field who need to communicate efficiently with their peers,” comments Martin Haaf, CEO of RugGear, on the development process of the new RG725. “It is a device that can serve many different functionalities in a variety of work situations”.

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