Skip to content MOBILE and RugGear introduce first 5G radio for safe PoC communication in Ex Zone 1/21 and industrial environments

Integrated into the digitisation process, IS440.1 (Zone 1/21) and RG440 (rugged) enable switching from analogue PMR to Push-to-Talk over Cellular

Lauda-Koenigshofen. MOBILE, innovation and world market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices, has launched a new development together with its partner RugGear, a leading developer and manufacturer of rugged mobile devices for professional mission-critical and industrial use, to support companies in their digitalisation process: The two 5G radios, the intrinsically safe IS440.1 for use in Zone 1/21 hazardous areas and the rugged model RG440 for use in industrial environments, fulfil the handling requirements of conventional radios, but employ new technologies and can initially be deployed together with PMR radios and replace them in the long term. By using them in existing public or private (campus) networks (4G or 5G) or via Wi-Fi®, secure and stable communication is guaranteed. The compact radios use PTT (via a third-party PTT app) and can be seamlessly paired with classic analogue and DMR devices for group communication via a gateway. Thanks to their interoperability, the devices can be operated across different technologies (via various PTT solutions) and device manufacturers. The highlights of the devices are a fail-safe connection, the reliable QCM6490 chipset from Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc. (supports 3GPP Release 15), the user-orientated look & feel, a powerful, replaceable battery (2400 or 4800 mAh), a high-performance front speaker (>105 dB) especially for noisy environments, large operating elements (PTT button, rotary knob for PTT channel selection, SOS button), unique 8-pin interface for connecting headphones and heavy duty headsets (HDHS) as well as dual SIM (with automatic network switching). Both devices are compatible with Wi-Fi 6, NFC (access control, data transfer between two devices, reading of NFC tags) and Bluetooth® 5.2. The IS440.1 and RG440 support private 4G/5G networks that deploy the CBRS spectrum and LTE band 68 - a major transformation topic, especially for public safety institutions. The focus is on data protection, security, flexibility, quality of service and reliability.                            

Key target groups for the two new devices include industrial users in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, food and logistics industries.

No compromise: Secure communication in hazardous and industrial areas

Many companies currently still use analogue or DMR devices. In the long term, industrial  PTT communication will be completely digitalised. With the new 5G radio devices from MOBILE and RugGear, the changeover can take place efficiently and cost-effectively step by step, as two-way radio communication devices (TETRA, DMR and analogue PMR) can also be integrated into group communication via PoC using a bridge server.

When switching to digital mobile radio networks (4G/5G) or campus networks, the cost-intensive maintenance and servicing of Tetra and conventional radio networks is no longer necessary for companies.

The radios are equipped with a rotary knob on the top where the user can select the channels for digital and global group calls. A dedicated server-based PTT application can be used to define settings in the back office, such as access rights for communication groups. Thanks to automatic network switching, the dual SIM option guarantees secure connections without interruptions even when network coverage is weak.

The new 5G radios can be used in a diverse range of corporate scenarios. In addition to the common application as a radio device, the IS440.1 and RG440 also offer companies the option of location-based tracking and a monitoring function for access restrictions, which can also be used as a security feature for visitors to the company premises, for example. Another application scenario is the ability to inform all employees immediately in emergencies or in case of evacuation measures. The NFC connectivity is used within the organisation for active access control, data transfer between two devices and the reading of tags.

An essential aspect of PTT communication is good audio quality in noisy working environments: The new 5G radios are equipped with a powerful 105 dB front speaker. Thanks to the unique 8-pin interface, the user can connect headphones and HDHS (hearing protection headphones with integrated loudspeaker and microphone).

For the safety of employees in hazardous, potentially explosive and exposed industrial areas, MOBILE and RugGear have integrated an SOS button on the devices, which provides a quick alarm function in emergencies via a third-party application. In an emergency, the user can call for help quickly using the SOS button. Alternatively, the device can automatically trigger an alarm (LWP/lone worker protection) using the device's sensor technology. The informed back office can immediately initiate further measures (third-party application required).

The 5G radio device with its 8MP AF front camera can also be used as a bodycam for inspection tasks/remote maintenance and in mission-critical areas, attached to clothing (e. g. breast pocket) with a clip.

The powerful 2400 mAh battery (optionally with 4800 mAh) is replaceable and guarantees a long operating time, even in extreme situations.

The radios can be conveniently charged using a desktop charging station or a multiple desktop charging station (6-in-1).

The intrinsically safe, Ex-certified version, the IS440.1 5G radio is approved for use in Zone 1/21, both devices are MIL-STD-810H-tested and IP68-certified and can also be operated outdoors with wet hands and gloves.

Innovation potential of 5G technology

The 5G standard offers great potential in the industrial sector: it enables the secure integration and consolidation of complex workflows and the networking of employees, machines and processes, while the high bandwidth available in the 5G network enables delay-free data transmission. The two 5G radios fit seamlessly into the current product portfolio of MOBILE and RugGear.

The IS440.1/RG440 will be available from Q1/2024.

You can find the technical specifications for the RG440 here.

You can find the technical specifications for the IS440.1 here.  

About MOBILE MOBILE GmbH, based in Lauda-Koenigshofen, was founded in 2011 and is global market leader and one of the most innovative developers of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs etc. for safe use in hazardous areas and for robust use in industry and outdoors. Engineers and specialists at the Lauda-Koenigshofen site develop practice-oriented products and individual, customer-specific software solutions based on legal regulations such as ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500. The MOBILE R&D team incorporates all international standards into product development and is itself an active member of the relevant standardization committees. In order to meet all explosion protection requirements, the products are developed from scratch. This gives customers worldwide the certainty of using high-quality communication technology at the latest technical level. In addition, MOBILE cooperates with solution providers in the areas of push-to-talk, mobile device management, maintenance software or lone worker in order to be able to offer complete solutions from a single source. MOBILE is Silver Partner in Google's Android™ Enterprise Partner Programe. MOBILE is represented by a subsidiary in Singapore and sales partners in 72 countries in Europe, the USA, Latin America, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

Since March 2023, MOBILE has been strategic partner and investor in the Austrian start-up Senseven. Senseven is the developer of a software and AI-based mobile inspection system.