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RugGear RG880 wins the Red Dot Award 2024 for product design

RugGear is proud to announce that the RG880, has been honored with the Red Dot Award 2024!

Its 12⁰ angle 103-db loudspeaker, that runs across the full width of the device, is designed to propagate the sounds even when the devices is worn with the screen facing the body. 
The rubberized honeycomb structure of the side panels guarantees a solid grip in all environments and thanks to the side fingerprint sensor, it allows for quick and secure unlocking. 

The RG880 is an innovative product that combines push-to-talk functionality with smartphone features, catering to the needs of industry professionals. 
The large PTT button on the side, the red SOS button and the Talkgroup Rocker Switch for individual or group PTT calls has an important role in emergency industrial communication. 

It is rugged and durable with IP68 certification for water and dust, yet it has a slim and easy to handle design/body. Furthermore, the entire unit remains drop-proof and water-resistant even when the cover is open. 

Another highlight of the RG880 is its powerful replaceable 4500 mAh battery for long run time.  The simplicity of battery replacement can make it an asset in multi shift operations. 

The smartphone is equipped with the PTT/MCPTT-optimised Snapdragon® 680 4G Mobile Platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and supports 3GPP Release 12.

What is Red Dot award? 

For the last 60 years the Red Dot Design Award has been one of the largest design competitions in the world. 
The jury of the Red Dot Design Award met for the first time in 1955.
The competition is divided in three categories: 

  • Red Dot Award for Product Design, 
  • Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design and 

Red Dot Award for Design Concept. 
The name and branding of the award were developed in the 1990’s, thanks to its CEO, Professor Dr. Peter Zec. 
Since then, the prestigious "Red Dot" award has become the internationally respected seal of design excellence. The award winners are presented in the yearbooks, museums and online.

RugGear RG880 and Red Dot Award 

The RG880 winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award is a testament to the outstanding design and functionality of this device.

Winning the Red Dot Award not only recognizes the quality of the RG880 but also acknowledges RugGear's continuous innovation and excellence in the field of communication devices. 
We are committed to delivering more high-quality, high-performance products and services to our customers.

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